About Yarrabee Consulting


Geoff Leeper started Yarrabee Consulting in 2016 following a highly successful career in the Australian Public Service. Read Geoff's CV HERE.

Geoff has a great breadth of experience in both the detailed work of the APS and also in corporate management.   His experience includes social policy development and delivery, housing policy and programs, regulation and large scale operational and service delivery management.

Geoff is an accomplished leader known for his integrity and commitment to the development of organisations and their people.

Through Yarrabee Consulting, Geoff will focus on assisting senior executives and CEOs to explore better ways govern their organisations, providing assurance review services (including Gateway reviews) and helping senior executives develop their leadership skills through coaching and mentoring. 


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    Dr Felicity (Flis) Lawrence joined Yarrabee Consulting in 2018. Her focus is to help you -leaders, managers, HR, employees- to actively build healthy team or organisation cultures while developing the personal skills and resilience to quickly spot, and safely prevent or interrupt, unhealthy on-offline conduct. Read Dr Flis' LinkedIn CV here, or contact her through the Dr Flis - Happier Workplaces social media and website here.

    Dr Flis also brings 25 years experience as a leader and manager from different work environments (military, private and public sectors), and has been honored with Australian Day, Outstanding Service, and Personal Merit Awards.

    Her doctorate dissertation (the impact of unhealthy on-offline conduct on people and work cultures) found that ongoing unhealthy on and offline interactions negatively affected people's mental and physical well-being and long-term engagement.

    Felicity was nominated for an Outstanding PhD Thesis in QUT and the Eric Wigglesworth OHS awards.