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In conjunction with Nous Group, Geoff performed the role of government expert in assessment centres to develop the leadership skills of senior NSW Government public servants. 

Geoff is currently providing leadership services coaching EL and SES staff in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Royal Australian Mint.

Geoff has also been engaged by the Department of Human Services to facilitate cohorts of their EL 2 leadership program, commencing September 2018.

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Geoff worked with the Director and the leadership team in the Bureau of Meteorology to develop more streamlined and effective governance arrangements for the Bureau.

Geoff worked with the Indigenous Affairs Group in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet providing strategic advice on grants management, the Community Development program and program co-ordination arrangements.

Geoff was engaged by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to provide external advice in a review of enabling services over a six week period in November-December 2017.


As a Member of an independent technical review panel, Geoff provided advice to the Minister for Environment and Energy on high performance computing in the Bureau of Meteorology, and associated security and business risks.

Geoff provided advice to the Department of Environment and Energy on proposed change management activities associated with a potential IT systems redevelopment.  

Geoff authored an independent review report into risk and resilience issues affecting the Bureau of Meteorology's observations network, reporting to the Bureau Director and the Minister for Environment and Energy.

Geoff, I write to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your work on the Obs network. As always, the report is clear, consistent and thoughtful.
— Dr Andrew Johnson, Director of Meteorology and CEO, BoM


Geoff provided strategic review advice to the Department of Veterans' Affairs on approaches to transformation of services for veterans and their dependents.  He has subsequently been engaged as the Independent Adviser on the Veteran Centric Reform Program Board.

Geoff is a Gateway Review team leader and member on two Gateway reviews in 2017, with an upcoming review in February 2018.


Dr Flis Lawrence uses her organisation social psychology expertise to develop bespoke digital products and online training for leaders, managers, HR and frontline staff on how to build healthy and resilient team(s) and organisations, and boost engagement. See Dr Flis' online courses here.

Dr Flis provides regular culture-related articles to the UK's Safety and Healthy Practitioners online magazine with strategies to quickly diagnose and safely prevent dysfunctional online and offline conduct, such as face to face and cyberbullying, without further escalating matters. See a recent article here.

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